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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

We mainly operate from 7am- 6pm but are available 24 hours to be flexible with your work/school schedule.

How much does it cost to enroll my child at your childcare? What are your rates?

We don't list our rates on our website for the simple reason that every need for service is different and we would be saddened that you would miss out on discounts and/or promotions that may apply to you. However, we would be glad to email you our childcare rates and look into how we can best assist you. Wouldn't it be better to see if you qualify for a monthly stipend to help toward your childcare?

What is the staff-to-child ratio ?

We are a staff of 2. With our infant/toddler program, the ratio is 1:4 ( 1 adult to 4 infants ). With our preschool program, the ratio is 1:6 (1 adult to 6 children) .

What are the ages that care can be provided care for?

We provide for children from 6 weeks old to 11 years old.

Does your childcare provide transportation?

We currently do not provide transportation

What subsidy agencies does your childcare accept?

We currently accept families from Crystal Stairs , Drew Child Development, Allies For Every Child,  and Plaza Community Services.

Does your childcare provide meals and snacks?

Yes, we do provide meals and snacks that are healthy, nutritious, and delicious ( that are in accordance with the USDA Food Program). * We make some accomodations for children with food allergies, however, depending on the severity of the food allergy, we may ask you to bring the child's meals and snacks. *

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