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Our Program

Precious Little Heartbeat Childcare has 3 programs/classes: Infant/ Toddler class, 2-3 year old class, and a Preschool class.  Our curriculum is based on a learning approach called STEAM, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) which helps children learn in their natural environment and develop critical thinking skills that could help them thive in our Technology-centric society. 

Infant Toddler Class

Infants and toddlers learn best when they are in an environment that builds their desire to learn the world around them and explore.   We focus more on what the child can learn vs. what we can teach.  So its safe to say that we respond to what the child may be curious of, provide the materials to help in their self-discovery, but make sure that we are available when they need us the most.  So we don't work off of a curriculum per say; we work off of strategies to foster healthy relationships with others, cognitive skills,  and a motivating environment to learn. We keep a very small group for this age group to ensure that no child's learning experience is stifled.

2-3 Year Old Class

At these ages, children are a little more self-aware and very observant of their environment and those around them. However, they need to be able to articulate what's going on so language development is heavily emphasized. Also, we work on introducing the children to math concepts so our curriculum is based on STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). STEAM helps children to learn via a natural way of learning and using common materials to help reinforce the concepts to help them think for themselves and experiment.  Although the curriculum for this class is a little more structured, we base our themes off of what the children are curious about. 

Preschool Class


Our Preschool class is similar to our 2-3 year old class, however, we focus more on getting the children prepared for Kindergarten / 1st grade. So the curriculum is still centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) but we emphasize reading and writing. More of the activities are hands-on and we ask more thought-provoking questions to deepen their critical thinking skills. 

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